Saturday, April 30, 2005

Sony's lock on the PSP

Picture made by: ecstasy90 from the G4tv forum

The Sony PSP truly puts a new meaning to the term "all in one". The PSP acts not only as a portable gaming system but also as a portable media center. For $250.00 you can play your games, watch movies, listen to music, view your pictures and even get online! What’s the catch? Sony only allows you to play your media on a limited media format. All images or video must be a MPEG-4 format and all music must be a ATRAC3 plus or MP3 format. Most of us can deal with the MP3 format; it's the MPEG-4 format that I see problems with. I found this very disappointing until I found some helpful software that allows you to convert your video formats to MPEG-4. It's called PSP Video 9 and the best part about it is it's free! PSP Video 9 allows you to convert your PC video files to MPEg-4. The software also allows you to manage/copy your PSP video files from pc-PSP. With the upcoming release of bigger memory stick sizes this software opens up many new windows to the PSP. PSP Video 9 is great user friendly software that I think that every PSP owner should have. Go out and buy a bigger memory stick and then get this software, this is a must have!
PSP Video 9-Click here to download
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